Exhibit ‘Local Artists’ Hot Wood Arts Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, 2017

“Every so often, I would share this space of Hot Wood Arts with fellow artists for a long time, but I’ve grown used to the short interactions with new artists as well. I’ve also realized that, in reality, the life of an artist is not long. Suddenly, I wanted to make a record of all my fellow artists, for who knows when and why they may disappear or be forgotten. I hope that my record of photography will be a voice to spread the thoughts of my artist friends. I hope that it will be a documentation of their workspace wherein lie all the time and effort put in prior to their public showcase. And regardless of whether this record becomes publicized, I hope that it will be a source of encouragement to my fellow artists whom I’ve watched from afar.” – Bojune Kwon

1:50 scale architectural model of Hot Wood Arts Residency, made in collaborationwith bojune kwon, turns 7000 square feet of artist space into a 24”x12”x3” model based on precise field surveys and documentations. This model shows various working environments of 17 local artists and inspires audiences to imagine each artist’s specific story and background existing beyond their ordinary scenes.

photos by Bojune Kwon