May. 2019 Sylvia Choi has been awarded the George G. Booth Traveling Fellowship for the proposal: 20th-century Architecture in Drone Views. See details here.

Booth fellowship.jpg

April. 2019 JeongChoi Works + SON-A has won second prize in Starfield Library Art Competition in Seoul, South Korea.

March. 2019 JeongChoi Works + SON-A has won second prize in Metropolitan Small Manufacturers’ Support Center Design Competition in Seoul, South Korea. See details here.

SBS section pers.jpg

March. 2019 JeongChoi Works has won BENCHmark competition 2019. “SEESAW” will be located at Northeast Pioneers Greenway in Winnipeg, Canada. See details here.

January. 2019 ExhibitionEXIT Architecture: Speculations for the Hereafter“ opens at Art Omi. See details here.

November. 2018 “Ordinary Scenes” is selected to exhibit at Art Omi for “Exit Architecture” exhibition. See details here.

June. 2018 Our project “Recall” is featured in Archiworld and SPACE Magazines.

April. 2018 Exhibition "Artificial Nature" opens at Soda Museum. See details here.

March. 2018 JeongChoi is selected to exhibit at Soda Space of Design and Architecture in South Korea. 

September. 2017 Our project “City Minimalism” is featured in “the self-evolving city Korean Architecture” .

August. 2017 JeongChoi Works is excited to be presenting 1:50 scale model at Hot woods Art Gallery for Bojune Kwon solo exhibition “Local Artists”

October. 2017 “Sport City” is featured in “Training – Alternative designs for sport facilities”.

May. 2017 JeongChoi Works is selected to exhibit in UIA Seoul 2017 The Self-evolving City at Seoul Museum of Art (SeMa) in South Korea.

March. 2017 “Sport City” is selected as one of winners in Training Non-Architecture Competition.

October. 2016 “Nature Platform” is awarded Gold Mention in YAC’s Green Academy Competition.